Replacement STs Series pH Electrode

The pHionics STs Series pH Electrode is designed for quick and simple replacement of an old or damaged electrode without any special tools.  This is the exact same as the original electrodes provided with the purchase of a STs Series pH Sensor/Transmitter and is intended for the widest range of applications such as environmental datalogging, wastewater treatment, and industrial process control.

The electrode has an epoxy body with a glass bulb and contains a silver/silver chloride reference with Teflon double junction protection for high stability and longevity in harsh applications. It has an average lifespan of 3 years.

$210 USD
pH range 0-14 pH
Operating Temperature (°C) 0-70
Response time 95% accurate < 5 seconds
Exposed Materials Epoxy, glass, Teflon
Type Combination, Silver/silver chloride, gel-filled
Junctions Teflon double junction
Life Expectancy 6 month to 5 year (3 year average)
Weight (g) 36g including storage solution
Warranty 6 months
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