Water Quality Sensors for Pollution Control

The World Health Organization states that “past experience has shown that remedial actions to clean up polluted sites and water bodies are generally much more expensive than applying measures to prevent pollution from occurring.”  While government policies and regulations are the most cost-effective means of preventing water pollution before it occurs, water quality sensors are needed to enforce these policies and catch pollution before it causes significant harm to the environment.  To do that, a sensor network must be put in place to monitor effluent going into streams.  Sensors must be long-lasting, reliable, and low-maintenance to be cost-effective.  pHionics sensors prove to be excellent investments for protecting the environment and maintaining the compliance of your business because they are:

    1. Chemical-Resistant
      • The STs Series cable and sensor body are made from rugged materials to provide reliable service throughout years of exposure to harsh chemicals. Our sensors also have double O-ring seals with O-rings made of Viton, which is resistant to chemical attacks. In addition, each electrode is designed to reduce the risk of chemical poisoning that shortens the lifespan of competing electrodes.  Click on the products of interest below to learn more.
    2. Noise-Resistant
      • You may not think about electromagnetic interference since it’s invisible, but sites where pollution occurs commonly have heavy machinery that release electrical noise in the surrounding area.  This can wreak havoc on sensitive electromagnetic measurements taken by water quality sensors. To prevent this, pHionics sensors employ numerous technologies including built-in shielding, isolation, and differential amplification.
    3. Low Maintenance
      • Maintenance costs over the first 2 years of ownership of a sensor commonly exceed the price of the unit itself. pHionics sensors reduce maintenance costs with protective guards that mitigate debris build-up while being easily removable when cleaning is required.  Additional features that ensure low-maintenance operation are described on each product page.  Click on your parameters of interest below to learn more.

Save money by maintaining compliance and protect the environment with pHionics water quality sensors for dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, and conductivity.


STs Series Conductivity Water Quality Sensor and Transmitter


STs Series Dissolved Oxygen Water Quality Sensor and Transmitter

Dissolved Oxygen

STs Series ORP Water Quality Sensor and Transmitter

ORP (redox)