Water Quality Sensors for Aquaculture

Modern aquaculture techniques allow livestock to grow bigger, faster, and at higher densities than ever before.  This optimization wouldn’t be possible without the use of advanced systems to monitor and control the aquatic environment.  Sensors are used in these systems to monitor:

  • Dissolved oxygen to ensure healthy levels and avoid suffocation
  • Water level to maintain consistent volumes
  • Temperature to maximize growth rate
  • Flow to ensure proper circulation
  • Conductivity to monitor salinity or water purity
  • pH to preserve stable conditions, control ammonia toxicity, and optimize nitrification
  • ORP (AKA redox or EH) to measure bacterial activity or ozone disinfection

Without high quality sensors, systems cannot maintain optimal conditions for livestock and have a higher risk of crashing, leading to significant losses.  To reduce this risk, pHionics sensors incorporate numerous features and technologies valuable in any aquaculture operation.  These include:

  1. Rugged Construction
    • Aquaculture is hard on sensors – They face constant impact from fish along with heavy debris loads that can affect the sensitive measuring elements. Our sensors are constructed with long-lasting, heavy-duty materials to withstand these difficult conditions.  In addition, the sensing element has 360° protection from our removable guard.  This commonly leads to 10+ years of reliable service from pHionics sensors.
  2. Noise reduction technologies (Isolation, preamplification, and extensive shielding)
    • Pumps and other heavy machinery are common in aquaculture operations. Even when properly wired, these machines often interfere with the sensitive measuring elements of sensors, leading to wasted resources and time troubleshooting.  pHionics sensors include numerous noise reduction technologies to eliminate interference and ensure accurate measurements.
  3. Low-Maintenance Electrodes
    • Each type of sensor uses different design technique to improve the stability of measurements and reduce maintenance frequency.  Click on your parameter of interest below to learn more.

Invest in the future of your aquaculture operation with pHionics water quality sensors for dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP (EH), conductivity (EC), and temperature.


All sensors have a built-in 0-50°C temperature sensor

pHionics STs Series pH Sensor/Transmitter



Nitrification Efficiency

Ammonia Toxicity

System Balance

STs Series Conductivity Water Quality Sensor and Transmitter



Salinity Monitoring

Filtration E(fish)iency

STs Series Dissolved Oxygen Water Quality Sensor and Transmitter

Dissolved Oxygen


Fish Health

STs Series ORP Water Quality Sensor and Transmitter

ORP (redox)


Stress Prevention

Bacterial Activity

Disinfection Effectiveness