Return Policy

Material returned for repair, whether in or out of warranty (please read warranty section regarding types of material which cannot be accepted back for environmental and/or safety reasons), should be shipped, prepaid, to:

pHionics Inc.

6680 Alhambra Avenue, #504 

Martinez, CA  94553

RMA No: (call for return of merchandise authorization number — material cannot be accepted without an RMA number – merchandise returned for credit may be subject to a twenty percent restocking fee – at the discretion of pHionics).

The returned material should be accompanied by a letter of transmittal that should include the following:

      Subject: Return of Materials for Repair

  1. Location, type of service, and length of time in service of device.
  2. Description of the faulty operation of the device and the circumstances of the failure.
  3. Name, telephone, email, and FAX number of the person to contact if there are questions regarding the returned material.
  4. Statement as to whether warranty or non-warranty service is requested.
  5. Complete instructions as to how you would like any problems resolved, etc.
  6. Complete shipping instructions for return of the material.


Adherence to these procedures will expedite handling of the returned material and will prevent unnecessary additional charges for inspection and testing to determine the problem with the device.  If the material is returned for out of warranty repairs, a purchase order for repairs should be enclosed with the letter of transmittal.