Water Quality Sensors for Environmental Monitoring

Tired of spending 3 hours driving to a trailhead then slogging out to a river to perform maintenance every couple weeks?  So was the team that built pHionics sensors.

Each sensor has a sensing element (electrode) that provides stable measurements for long periods of time and saves you trips out to remote monitoring sites. The technology ensuring stable measurements differs between parameters so specific information is found on each product page.

In addition, each sensor has a guard to protect the sides and bottom of the electrode from damage and prevent costly replacement.  The guard is easily removable for cleaning when maintenance is required.

Lastly, every inch of the sensor is designed to withstand rugged conditions.  The cable is thickly coated and Kevlar-reinforced while the sensor body is built from chemical-resistant PVDF and 316 Stainless Steel to provide 10+ years of service.

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All sensors come with built-in 0-50°C temperature sensor

pHionics STs Series pH Sensor/Transmitter



Pollution Detection

Environmental Studies

STs Series Conductivity Water Quality Sensor and Transmitter



Saltwater intrusion

Salinity monitoring

TDS monitoring

Pollution control

STs Series Dissolved Oxygen Water Quality Sensor and Transmitter

Dissolved Oxygen


Aquatic Health

Environmental Studies

STs Series ORP Water Quality Sensor and Transmitter

ORP (redox)


Heavy metal detection

Bacterial activity

Environmental studies