Part #: cmp-k 

3/4″ Compression Fitting 


Custom-made 3/4 inch MNPT compression fitting for pipe mounting of one pHionics STs Series™ water quality sensor.  Unlike compression fittings from other manufacturers, the cmp-k cannot be overtightened so there is no risk of damage to the sensor.  This product is made from chemical-resistant PVDF to withstand harsh chemical conditions. 

Not suitable for pressurized in-line applications or temperatures above 30°C.

See below for more information on proper installation of sensors using cmp-k.


Part Number cmp-k
Thread Size 3/4 inch MNPT
Material PVDF, PTFE spacers, Viton O-rings

1.75 x 1.25 in

(4.45 x 3.175 cm)


1.06 oz

(30 g)

$105 USD


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Proper Placement of Compression Fitting

Always place cmp-k close to the cable end.  This allows for accurate temperature measurements and automatic temperature compensation as the temperature sensor is inside the metal housing.

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