Getting Started with the STs Series

Thank you for purchasing a pHionics STs Series instrument.  We look forward to providing you with many years of reliable service!  All the resources you need to start measuring water quality quickly are collected on this page.

pHionics STs Series pH Sensor/Transmitter

STs Series Initial Setup

pHionics STs Series pH Sensor/Transmitter

STs Series Setup with the HOBO RX3000

STs Series Quick Start Guides

Download relevant guides to get your new sensors working quickly and easily.

General Resources


When to Calibrate or Replace an Electrode

How to Remove and Replace Electrodes

pH and Dissolved Oxygen Electrode Care

Conductivity and ORP (redox) Electrode Care

STs Series Pipe Mounting Instructions


Eliminating Electromagnetic Interference

The Guide to pH Drift

Calculating Voltage Drop for Water Quality Systems

Managing Water Quality in Aquaculture

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